Crystal Rae gets some help and big cock.

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Poor Cyrstal Rae… Her cellphone died and she can’t find a wifi signal. She’s totally freaking out man! But what’s this, a white knight appears to pierce the darkness. Come back to my studio and use my wifi and power, the gentleman offers young Cyrstal. Ok she says. To quote a movie, this is how a porno starts man. Cyrstal gets to the guy’s place and she’s impressed with the place, the guy is impressed with Cyrstal’s body, and he makes an offer to take some nude photos. She agrees for a high price. The guy makes a bigger offer next, what about taking some dirty photos and videos in exchange for the wifi password? Cyrstal agrees and more than just pictures happen.

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My Friend's Little Sister

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Cyrstal Rae is on summer break. Sometimes, her brother brings his friend Jean to the house to hang out by the pool, and for a while now, Cyrstal has been admiring him, gazing at him every chance she gets. But there is one obstacle, her brother. While her parents are out of town, her brother and Jean are enjoying drinks by the pool, resulting in her brother becoming very drunk and falling asleep. This is when Cyrstal sees her opportunity. She puts on her sexiest two-piece, and joins Jean in the sunshine. After talking for a while, it’s obvious what they both have on their minds, and they can’t resist any longer. She kisses him, arousing the feelings she knows have been hiding for so long. Once they take it into the house, there’s no going back…

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Moms Twist Of Date

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Shy Cyrstal Rae has invited over Jessy Jones to her house to play some board games. Only, her horny stepmother, Diamond Jackson, can’t help but spy on them. When Ms. Jackson gets a whiff of sexual tension between these young lovers, she decides to take over their game and show them how to really play, by getting down and dirty, that is!

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18 Years Old Tries Her First Interracial

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Sultry stunner Cyrstal Rae has been dating her man for a while. He’s an older guy who has given her a lifestyle she’s always dreamed of. The only problem is the sex. Beautiful Cyrstal craves so much more… Her personal trainer is a hot black guy who she has been flirting with for some time. When her husband leaves for a golfing trip, she wastes no time getting her sexy PT over for some fun. She has been waiting for this for so long, she is yearning to get the attention she has been missing. This should be one workout session she will never forget!

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Getting Pounded for a Phone

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The bus is always out hunting for some hot pussy! Pussy that is willing to fuck for cash, or in this case for her freaking phone. We picked up this chick at the bus stop named Cyrstal Rae. We told her that we’d drop her off at her campus. After some convincing, she hopped on the bus. When things were getting good, she made us pull over and she took off. Unbeknownst to her, she had forgotten her fucking phone on the bus. This of course, served as bait to lure her back in. Cali took over from there and fucked the shit out of her. He pounded her all over the mother fucking bus. All of this for a phone!

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Free The Ds

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What’s bigger than titties and Japanese anime? Today we bring you both, with Cyrstal Rae in her sexy anime get-up. She was a huge fan and she decided to dress up and treat us to a great view. Her huge breasts almost broke the costume and we certainly didn’t mind the view. Cyrstal Rae has perfect 32DD’s and she’s proud of her puppies. After having her show us her amazing martial arts skills, her villain Bambino stormed in to try and defeat her. The battle ensued, but Cyrstal’s skills weren’t enough to match up with Bambino’s big fury!

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