18 Years Old Tries Her First Interracial

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Sultry stunner Cyrstal Rae has been dating her man for a while. He’s an older guy who has given her a lifestyle she’s always dreamed of. The only problem is the sex. Beautiful Cyrstal craves so much more… Her personal trainer is a hot black guy who she has been flirting with for some time. When her husband leaves for a golfing trip, she wastes no time getting her sexy PT over for some fun. She has been waiting for this for so long, she is yearning to get the attention she has been missing. This should be one workout session she will never forget!

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Teen Tickler

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Cyrstal Rae was trick-or-treating with her friends Kymberlee and Kharlie. They were having a blast collecting candy and just acting like kids again, until they came upon one peculiarly spooky house. They dared each other to go and knock on the door and resolved to go up together as a sign of solidarity. The closer they got to the front door, the scarier things became, until Kymberlee and Kharlie completely freaked and chickened out, leaving Cyrstal to fend for herself. She wanted to prove to them she wasn’t afraid. When she knocked, JMac answered and offered horrible candy. She asked if he had anything better to offer, and after seeing how hot she looked, he knew he had to invite her in for better candy. One thing this teen trio all loved dearly was huge cock, and Cyrstal’s pals definitely missed out!

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